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WhatsApp Plus for iPhone is famous worldwide among iPhone users. iPhone users often get fewer options than Android users, but this mod version of WA connects iOS users to billions of others.

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It offers more functionalities and personalized customization options for iOS users. This overarching guide will explore WA Plus’s features, installation process, and benefits.

What is WhatsApp Plus for iPhone (iOS)?

It is the enhanced version of the official WApp application developed by a third-party source or independent developers. The main aim of development and enhancement in the original WApp application is to provide additional benefits and features to its users. Initially, this mod version was unavailable for Android users, but it has recently been available for iOS users. 

Features of WhatsApp Plus for iOS: 

iOS users can enjoy the great and exciting features by downloading this mod version of the official WA application. The features are: 


Personalized customization

WA Plus for iOS offers the most advanced and enhanced option: a wide range of customization options. Moreover, iOS users can upgrade their chat themes, text fonts, and styles according to their personality. This modified version also offers an extensive range of wallpapers and themes. Further, unlike WA, it also offers color customization of your written text to enhance its beauty and give a unique look to the chat. 

Upgrade Privacy Settings

WA Plus for iPhone users gives special attention to the security and privacy of the users because the iOS itself will not allow any software that lacks vulnerabilities. It offers features like hiding online status, switching off read receipts, hiding typing status, and hiding last seen. These additional security settings allow users to switch to the modified version more often. Disabled double ticks or blue ticks also add a layer of security. 


Media Transfer

This enhanced version of WA allows users to share larger files of up to 100 MB without compressing the files. It also offers high-quality pictures, videos, sound recordings, and audio settings. Furthermore, users can send up to 30 MB of HD videos. It also introduced the feature of sharing media in an extensive range of formats without compressing data. You can send at least 10 media files at a time.

Emojis, Stickers and Characters

This enhanced version offers a broader spectrum of emojis, stickers, and characters. WA Plus provides features for sharing extended files. Moreover, it allows an increase in group participants compared to the official WA. It also extends the character restriction for chat boxes and status messages. More emojis, stickers, and characters help individuals express themselves better. 


Anti-ban Restriction

WhatsApp Plus developers have used special measures to prevent banning or restricting the official WA application. WA Plus iOS anti-ban features relax users by providing security for their confidential details. The downloading doesn’t need jailbreaking, making it reliable and reputable software. 

Restore and Backup Data

Use WhatsApp Plus to back up and restore chats, media files, and other data. When users input their WA number, they get an on-screen verification message, confirm, and click the restore option. Moreover, it offers occasional backup, so you don’t need to manually save anything on any saving device. 

Restore and Backup Data

How do iOS users download/ install WhatsApp Plus? 

iPhone users can download WA Plus from any trustworthy website or store because Apple’s official store will not allow mod applications. So, it will take some additional steps to install this application on your iPhone or Apple devices. 

  1. Backup Data: 

Before switching to WA Plus on your iPhone, back up your data in your drive or anything else, this step helps you avoid any data or media loss. 

  1. WhatsApp plus IPA file download:

Apple’s official store doesn’t support mod software, so download WA Plus from any trustworthy platform. Furthermore, make sure to download files without viruses; otherwise, they will disrupt your device’s functionality and contribute to data loss. Multiple websites and apps offer IPA files for WhatsApp Plus for iOS. 

  1. Use Cydia impactor for installation:

When you are done with downloading the IPA file, use the Cydia impactor tool to install WA Plus on your iOS device. This software helps side-load applications on iOS devices. You can use your Apple ID or any other developer account. iPhone users must connect their iPhone to any device like a computer and follow the step-by-step on-screen guidelines Cydia Impactor gives to install the API file on their device. 

  1. Developer Certificate Issues:

Once installation is done, users may get a notification or error when opening the application, “Untrusted Developers”. To encounter this error, open the device settings, navigate to the general option, open profile, and device management settings, and click on trust the developer certificate linked with WhatsApp Plus for iPhone. After completing the developer certificate, open the mod application on your device and proceed further. 

  1. Verification and launch of the app:

When users are done with a trusted process developer, its users can launch the application and input their cell number and Apple ID for verification. Once verification is complete, users can use the application without any restriction or disturbance. 

These are simple download and installation steps. But remember one thing: mod files may cause security issues, so make sure to download from a trustworthy platform.

Final Words

For iOS operating systems, WA Plus has gained fame for its personalized customization and additional feature options worldwide. From the broader spectrum of themes to colorful fonts, securing confidentiality to extend media sharing, WA Plus gives a smooth and flexible experience to iPhone users by providing command of authority to its users. Moreover, the most important benefit of this modified version of WhatsApp is that it allows users to create the application’s interface according to their personality. 

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It may cause potential security risks because it is developed by a third party rather than official WhatsApp developers. However, downloading and installing it from a reputable source may reduce the risks. 

Yes, this modified version of WA supports end-to-end encryption. Developers built this function to add a layer of security to the messages, calls, and any media file or data. 

Whenever a user wants to update it, you need to install the latest version of this application from a trustworthy source and reinstall it on your device using Cydia Impactor. iPhone users need to follow the same guidelines as the above. 

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