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Fouad WhatsApp for iOS

It is difficult to deny that software developers of today’s time are smarter than ever. Every time an application gains popularity among the masses, these smart developers start working on those to make it more user-friendly. 

Such an application is Fouad WhatsApp which is now available for iOS as well. It is a third-party application, developed by incorporating tons of advanced features. 

Fouad WhatsApp is now available for Android, Windows, and iOS. If you are already familiar with the installation process and want to cut it short, please click Given Download Box.

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Why Fouad WhatsApp?

With multiple WhatsApp alternatives available online, one may wonder, what makes Fouad WhatsApp so special?

Well, it will not be an exaggeration if I say ‘I feel more in control of my social media presence than ever’. Fouad WhatsApp does not only offer top-notch security and privacy features, but the game of customization is next level as well. It offers tons of other advanced features that were not originally available in WhatsApp. 

Key Features of Fouad WhatsApp for iOS

Every feature of Fouad WhatsApp for iOS will make you more excited than the previous. Below is just a gist of what this impressive application has to offer. 

Anti-Delete Message Feature

WhatsApp’s recent ‘delete for everyone’ feature has made life easier for some but Fouad WhatsApp has an ‘antidote’ for that, the ‘anti-delete message feature’.

This feature prevents the sender from deleting the message for everyone. This puts you in a power position while chatting. 

Block Specific Calls

With original WhatsApp, you have to block an individual to avoid getting any calls or messages. However, Fouad WhatsApp for iOS allows you to only block receiving calls from a specific number. 

Freeze Last Seen

You no longer have to be answerable to people for being online at a specific time. You can freeze your last seen and simply dodge the bullet!

App Lock

Fouad WhatsApp for iOS comes with an in-built app lock feature. On turning on this feature, you will be asked to choose a password and it will be set as your WhatsApp lock. This keeps your chats safe and secure. 

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp for iOS?

Downloading Fouad WhatsApp for iOS is simple and we are going to make it even simpler for you. Just follow these steps and take control of your texting privacy. 

Step 1:

As the first step, allow your phone to install files from ‘unknown sources’. This will prevent any security obstacles from your iPhone’s side. 

Step 2:

Now, click here to start downloading the APK file. 

Step 3:

Once downloaded, navigate to the folder that contains the APK file for Fouad WhatsApp. 

Step 4:

Click on the file and follow the instructions to initiate installation. 

Step 5:

It will take a couple of seconds for the installation process to complete. Once it is completed, you will be able to see the application’s logo along with other applications. 

Step 6:

Click on the logo, insert your details, get them verified and there you have entered a world full of amazing experiences!

Concluding Thoughts

Suppose you are looking for an application that gives you complete control over your chatting experience. In that case, Fouad WhatsApp is your guy! Fouad WhatsApp is a full package of privacy, security, fun, and customization. Just make sure that you download it properly. 
This application is also available for Android

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