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Fouad WhatsApp For PC

If you have been a frequent user of WhatsApp and want to get more out of it, Fouad WhatsApp is for you!

With the popularity of WhatsApp, hundreds of modified applications have been developed over the years. However, not many out of those stood the test of time and failed due to unsatisfactory user experience. 

Fouad WhatsApp has been downloaded by millions and loved for its amazing features. After its successful launch of Android and iOS versions, it has now launched Fouad WhatsApp for PC users as well.

If you are already familiar with the marvels of Fouad WhatsApp and want to download it for your PC without any delay,

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Why Fouad WhatsApp?

It is a third-party application and thus, like other modified versions, is not approved by WhatsApp. However, what makes Fouad WhatsApp stand out among others is the high-level security feature that prevents WhatsApp from tracking or blocking your number. 

So, now you can fully enjoy the impressive features of Fouad WhatsApp on your PC as well.

Key Features of Fouad WhatsApp For PC

Privacy Settings

Well, it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that so far I haven’t come across any modified WhatsApp application that offers as many advanced privacy features as Fouad WhatsApp. Can’t believe it? Have a look yourself!

  • You can freeze your last seen. 
  • You can see who saw your status but hide your view status. 
  • You can prevent others from deleting their messages for everyone. 
  • You can see the ‘view once’ images and videos multiple times. 

Share Large Media Files

With Fouad WhatsApp for Windows, you can now share large media files of up to 50 MB. Not only that, it also allows you to share up to 90 images at once.

Broadcast Message Service

Working on your PC and having to share an update with all your office colleagues? Well, with Fouad WhatsApp you do not have to send individual messages. The broadcast message feature allows you to send a message to all your contacts.

Do Not Disturb

Now work on your PC without any disturbance for as long as you want. The DND (Do Not Disturb) feature disrupts this application’s internet supply and allows you to focus on your work without having to uninstall the application. 

How To Install Fouad WhatsApp For Windows

To safely install Fouad WhatsApp on Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1:

To use any Android application on your PC/Windows, you need an emulator. So, the first step is to download an emulator such as BlueStack. 

Step 2:

Once the emulator has been downloaded, navigate to the folder which has the emulator. Follow the instructions and install the file. 

Step 3:

Now click here to start downloading Fouad WhatsApp for PC. It will take only a couple of minutes. 

Step 4:

After the file has been downloaded, open the emulator and find the ‘upload APK file’ option. Drag the downloaded APK file and release it in the emulator. 

Step 5:

This will install your application and now you will be able to see the Fouad WhatsApp icon on your desktop. 

Step 6:

Click on the icon, enter your phone number, get it verified and have fun in the world of amazing features!

Concluding Thoughts

Fouad WhatsApp for PC is an impressive application with tons of advanced features. 

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