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What is MbWhatsapp

In the era of technology, everyone wants to connect with loved ones no matter the distance and is also more conscious about their privacy. Everyone also wants to secure their chats and data without sharing them with third-party applications. MbWhatsApp introduced the latest unique features regarding theme customization and kept your data private and secure from third-party applications. With the newest version of this app, you can easily communicate with your loved ones without involving a third person. It facilitates its users with HD video calling opportunities. Additional privacy and security features made it famous among its users. 

MbWhatsApp is one of the most popular modified versions of the original WhatsApp, and it has advanced chatting and customization features. Its interface is just like GBWhatsApp, but this application has some extra features. While using this modified version, you can set the auto-reply option and share your messages with multiple users at one click without moving from chat to chat or group to group. This modified version can also promote your products and boost your sales.

MbWhatsapp Apk

Stephane developed a modified version of the original WhatsApp and gained a group. This modified application gives you the iPhone UI interface to enjoy emojis and stickers. MbWhatsApp is the modified version of the original WhatsApp owned by Facebook, just like the modified version of JTWhatsApp.  It empowers its users by introducing amazing chat and privacy features. With this version, you don’t need to uninstall the original WhatsApp you can enjoy its unique features with dual accounts.

Features of MbWhatsApp for Android


Many additional features in MbWahtsApp are not available in the original WhatsApp. You can enjoy its unique features that provide extra security and privacy. You can secure your chats and essential messages with its additional privacy and security features. Its distinctive features are unavailable in the original Whatsapp, including theme customization, auto-reply, anti-deleted messages, and anti-deleted status.

IOS theme and Interface

If you are an iPhone lover, this feature is specially designed for you. While using MbWhatsApp you have the opportunity to enjoy iPhone themes and emojis. This feature is available at Andriod. With MbWhatsApp, you have the chance to enjoy iPhone themes. You can also customize themes according to your mood. There are many theme customization options available with this modified version.

Use Dual Account

While using this modified version you can use dual accounts on a single device. This unique feature enables its users to use multiple accounts on a single device without carrying various phones. Most of the time, holding numerous phones takes time and effort. With this feature, you can easily create dual accounts and enjoy the unique features of both accounts.

Add Free Experience

Some applications bombard advertisements while you are messaging your friends or conducting official meetings using social media applications. This situation sometimes irritates its users. To tackle this issue MbWhatsApp facilitates its user’s advertisement-free experience to conduct virtual meetings or discuss with their loved ones efficiently.

Auto Reply and Message Scheduling

Sometimes due to a busy schedule, you don’t reply to important messages, which has a destructive impact on business growth. This also affects financial loss. Most users want a methodology that enables them to reply to their essential messages automatically, and they can reply to these crucial messages whenever they have leisure time.

Password Protected Chat

Most users want to protect their essential chats with a PIN or password. This feature enables them to protect and secure their chat. This modified version of WA enables its users to protect their essential chats with passwords so they make it secure from unauthorized access. They can also update their password occasionally to make it more secure. Users can also protect groups with passwords.

Message any unsaved number

Original WA allowed its users to message just to save only numbers. This feature sometimes irritates its users because they must save a number before sending a message. These features irritate its users as it takes time to save a number and then send a message to it. This modified version of WA allows users to directly send messages to anyone they want without saving them in the contact list.

Enhanced Privacy

Tired of unwanted calls from insurance companies or random people lacking the etiquette? With Whatsapp Plus, you can specify who can call you and who cannot. No more interruptions from random numbers or annoying acquaintances.

Anti- Delete Message

Reding anti-deleted messages is usually helpful and valuable when users are more conscious of all incoming messages. They didn’t want to ignore any single message from their loved ones or strangers. This feature of the modified version of WA enables its users to read anti-deleted messages to get awareness about incoming messages. To read anti-deleted messages, users have to enable this feature.

Anti-view Once

Original WA lets users set the view once option to keep their essential messages and pictures secure. Some people get exhausted by these security features. Now the modified version of the WA enables its users to use anti-view once messages and images. This feature lets you repeatedly view messages, images, and videos without letting the sender know you have viewed them.

Freeze Last Seen

With MbWhatsApp, users can freeze their last seen. This fantastic feature enables its users to freeze their last seen without hiding it. With this feature, users can freeze their last seen for some time, especially when they have important meetings and don’t want someone to disturb them during their meeting. With this feature, the user didn’t tell others about their last seen.

Who can call you

Some users of WA want to have control over their incoming calls to avoid unknown calls. With this modified version of WhatsApp, user can control their incoming calls and set who can call them and who are not allowed to call them. This feature reduces the load of incoming calls. After enabling this feature, users can easily control incoming calls so unknown callers can’t disturb them during their meetings.

Effortless Status Saving

With original WA, users have to install third-party applications to save status. With MbWhatsApp, users can easily save viewed status without any third-party application. This modified version of the WA enables users to download viewed status without much effort. There is no need to use any additional application to download your favorite status.

Font and Color Customization

Some users want to customize the font and color of their chat screen. They want to play with colors and always look for any application that enables them to change font color and size according to their mood. Users can change font size and color whenever they want and set the color of their choice. This feature is not available in the original WA.

Efficient Large file-sharing

Original WA allows the limited size of files to be shared files. To share large volumes of files, users have to use another application. This limitation on file sharing irritates its users, and they need an application with which they can easily share large volumes of files without using any third-party application. With this modified version of WA, users can easily and efficiently share a large file with just a single click.

How do we resolve Temporary Ban issues in MbWhatsApp for IOS?

To resolve temporary ban issues in MbWahtsapp, users must follow steps that enable them to use this modified version of WA and enjoy its unique features without facing temporary ban issues that sometimes become difficult to handle.

Backup WhatsApp Data 

Users must back WA data to secure it from unauthorized access or avoid inconvenience. Users can use this backup file later. This backup file will keep your data secure and safe. 

Uninstall Mb WA

After creating the backup, users must uninstall Mb Whats from the device. Make sure this version of WA is utterly uninstalled from the file manager. 

Download Latest Version of MbWA

Download the latest version of MbWA from an authenticated website like this. Follow the download link, download its latest version, and follow the installation process. 

Restore Backup

Once users install the latest version of MbWA they can restore the backup created first. 

How to install MbWhatsApp Apk Latest Version?

To install MbWA’s latest version you need to follow the given below steps 

  • Download MbWA’s latest version 
  • Unpack the package 
  • Run installation 
  • Once the installation succeeds. Follow the steps to register your account on this modified version 
  • It allows its users to restore backup files that were created before


MbWA, the modified version of the original WA, facilitates its users with its unique features and extra security and privacy assurance. It allows its users to play with different themes and update themes according to their mood. With this modified version, users can easily set auto reply functionality and freeze their last seen. Users can use dual accounts on a single device and hide the viewed status. It also facilitates its users to view deleted messages and pictures. This modified version holds a lot of security and privacy features that make it famous among its users.