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There are various applications available for mobile users. However, the options become limited when it comes to PCs or laptops. But you do not need to worry, as we have your back!

What is OGWhatsApp for PC?

OGWhatsApp is a modified and, in a way, an advanced version of the original WhatsApp. The unique features it offers have made it people’s favourite in no time. The scope of customization with this application is immense, and the game of convenience is on a whole new level.

OGWhatsApp for PC is not available on any online Play Store. If you are visiting this site only to download this application, click below.

To learn more about what this application has to offer, stay tuned!

OG WhatsApp also make a iOS Version (OGWhatsApp iOS)

Features of OGWhatsApp for Windows

OGWhatsApp for Windows is super convenient to use. It allows you to interact with others while you work on your project using your laptop or PC. It keeps you updated with the notifications as well. 

Apart from these primary benefits of using OGWhatsApp for Windows, many exciting features make using this application fun. Let’s explore some of the features.

Anti-ban feature

One of the prominent features of OGWhatsApp for PC is the anti-ban feature. Due to this feature, this application has billions of users right now. Most of the modified versions of WhatsApp get banned due to WhatsApp’s policies. 

However, OGWhatsApp for Windows is designed to keep WhatsApp from tracking you; hence, your account can not be blocked. 

Share Large Media Files

You will love this application if, while working on your PC, you often have to share heavy files using WhatsApp. However, since the original version of WhatsApp has a limit on sharing the number of images and file size, you may feel frustrated. 

With OGWhatsApp, you can share up to 90 images in one go and send files of up to 50 MB, this is quite huge compared to the original version. 

Do Not Disturb

Working on an important file and do not want to receive any messages or calls? The DND feature of OGWhatsApp for PC has your back. This feature restricts the internet connection to this application; hence, you will not be disturbed by any calls or messages. 

How do you install OGWhatsApp for PC or Laptop?

Now that you have become familiar with the exciting features of OGWhatsApp, you must be wondering how to install it. Well, here it goes:

og whatsapp pc

Frequently Asked Questions

OGWhatApp allows you to operate multiple accounts on the same device. Due to this feature, you can use OGWhatsApp, original WhatsApp, and even GBWhatsApp on your PC at the same time. Isn’t that fun!?

OGWhatsApp is super safe to use on Windows. With end-to-end encryption, OGWhatsApp ensures that your messages are only sent to and read by the desired recipient.

Concluding Thoughts

WhatsApp has revolutionized the world of social networking. The modified versions of this application further make this application fun and exciting to use. OGWhatsApp for Windows is a convenient and easy application to use. 

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