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JT WhatsApp

I always search for an app that allows me additional privacy as compared to WhatsApp. My search ended when I came to know about JT WhatsApp and its amazing features with additional privacy tools. It gives a platform where people from different countries can share information within seconds. It is the modified version of the WhatsApp. 

This application allows me to share more than 30 pictures simultaneously. I can increase status characters while using this application. I can hide my status when I am online and also it provides additional features in terms of security. Its outstanding features won my heart.

I always need an application that remains updated with the advancement of technology. It always updates its features according to the requirements of users.

Some other facts about this amazing application are mentioned below

  • The latest version of JT Whats is 9.94 and its old versions are  9.75, 9.63, 9.45, 9.52, 9.60, 9.75, 9.83,9.85 and 9.91
  • It improved anti-rescind and play status features.
  • This app allows me to send HD photos and videos. I enjoy its features like it, enhanced security options, and improved backup methodologies.
  • It also improves bugs that I faced in its old version and also provides me with a great experience.
  • It will update its latest version soon

JT Whatsapp apk

It is the modified form of WhatsApp that is unofficial and also not available at the Google Play store. This application is becoming more socialized with its interesting features. I can manage multiple accounts on it. I download it from a third-party website. It holds additional tools that are not available on the WhatsApp app like anti-blocking options, supported file formats, and much more. Some Features of JT is similar as OGWhatsApp

What are the features of JT Whatsapp?

Some additional exciting features that I enjoy while using it are discussed below:

Restore Backup

Users of JTWhatsapp don’t need to be concerned about wiping out all of their prior data while updating or downloading a new JT version. Whenever you update or install this application, a restore backup option will appear.

Different Languages

When I installed this app it allowed me to change language. It is an exciting feature that allows users of different languages to select the language of their choice.

Airplane Mod

While working on important projects, I probably avoid unofficial calls and messages. For this purpose, I had to put my cell phone on airplane mode and miss my important calls on the phone. But this app allows me to just put my WhatsApp on airplane mod instead of my cellphone.

Dark and White theme

I want any icon that enables me to change the theme in just one click. I can change the theme in it by just clicking on the moon icon. I can also change amazing themes from advanced settings. It also allows me to customize the theme and save it in its library. 

Content Text Colour

I always want to change the color of the font content and the font size of each content. it allows me to change the font color and size of each content. I enjoy customizing the content according to my mood.

Universal Setting

I can change its look and style it. I can change the general look to the IOS look. With the help of the universal setting feature, I can create my style and add it to the library. I can also change the notification icon. 

Hide media from the gallery

Sometimes I didn’t want to show my media to someone while using my cellphone. This application allows me to hide media from the gallery. This feature improves my privacy and makes my media safe.

Color Choices.

This application allows me to choose any color for the background, status, and chat. It has exciting features and I always love to play with colors. I probably change the colors whenever I need to.


I often forget my password and PIN and face difficulty while recovering my password. This application made this feature easy by enabling security questions. 

Show or hide the blue tick

I often need an option that enables me to hide blue ticks. It allows me to do so. With this feature, I can hide a blue tick even when I read the message and don’t want the sender to come to know about it.

Increase JT chats forward limit up to 250

This amazing feature allows me to send any important message to more than 250 people at the same time. It saves a lot of my time. As in my busy schedule, I couldn’t send important messages to team members at the same time as it takes time to send the same message to more than 250 members at the same time.

Enable or disable the always online option.

My friends and family members are annoying and keep checking when I am online and when not. I want to stay online without them finding out. This application allows me to show them always online. By enabling the “Always Online” option, I always stay online.

Disable the image share limit.

I sometimes want to share multiple images at the same time. But WhatsApp allows me to share limited images. While this application allows me to disable the share limit. Now I can share unlimited images at the same.

Support Anti-Delete Messages

Sometimes my friends send me messages and before I read these messages they delete them. That is annoying for me. When I enable anti-delete messages in this app, I can view the messages that are already deleted.

Status Download 

To download the status, I have to download an additional application. JT Whatsapp allows me to download status without downloading any third-party app. With this app, I can save the viewed status whether it is any image or video with one click. 

JT also provide a Version for JTWhatsApp for window

Stickers + Emoji Collections

I often like to send stickers and emojis while chatting with friends and family members. But WhatsApp provides a limited number of emojis. On the other hand, the JTWhats app provided unlimited cool stickers and emojis to express my emotions that were difficult to express in WhatsApp. 

Auto reply 

Whenever I got stuck in some important meetings and didn’t find time to respond to messages. I need such an application that enables me to automatically respond to messages and JTWA allows me to send messages automatically. This app has an auto-reply feature. I customize auto-reply according to my needs. 

Who can call you?

Getting calls from unknown numbers or from the people you don’t want to talk to can be overwhelming and annoying. JTWhatsapp users can now control who can call them.

Custom JT Privacy

This is a very helpful feature to maintain the user’s privacy. By going to the security and privacy settings, JTWhatsapp users can customize their privacy, like who can call you or who can see your status. 

Hide view status

Sometimes we don’t want to show someone that we have viewed their statuses, but this hide view status option is not available on simple WhatsApp. JTWhatsapp allows its users to hide their view status so they can see what everyone is upto without being noticed.

Disable head-up notifications in JTWhatsApp settings.

JTWhatsapp users can disable head-up notifications that appear when the screen is unlocked. 

Enable or disable audio playing notifications.

If you don’t like notification alerts then you can disable them on JTWhatsapp, and if these notifications are helpful then you can enable them.

Increase JT chats forward limit up to 250.

JTWhatsapp users can use Increase JT chats forward limit up to 250. This limit is way more than the original WhatsApp offers.

Turn on or off Tenor/GIF.

Users can turn on and turn off the Tenor/GIF if they want to or don’t want to search for and send the Tenor/GIF in the chats. If you are someone who likes to share GIFs when you can turn it on and if you don’t like it you can simply turn it off.

Clear all WhatsApp logs.

JTWhatsapp users can clear all the previous chat history, videos, images, media files, and everything associated with their chat. 

Set image quality to send.

If you want to send pictures to your friends and family in higher quality, then JTWhatsapp has got you covered. JTWhatsapp users can set the quality of the images as per the requirement.

Disable the image share limit.

Simple WhatsApp has set a limit to share images, but with JTWhatsapp, users can disable the image share limit and share as many images as they want.

Disable double tap reaction from bubble and tick settings of JTWhatsApp APK.

Users can get rid of the blue ticks in JTWhatsApp so other people can’t find out when you’ve seen their messages. This feature is also useful when it comes to the privacy of the users.

Change Conversation Background.

The users of the modified version can change the conversation background and make chatting time more fun with their friends and loved ones.

Hide Date and Time When Copying Two Messages.

JTWhatsapp users can hide dates and times by copying messages. This is also a great feature to stay focused on the messages, and delete all the necessary information, and make the messages look more attractive and professional.

Enable the Proximity Sensor.

JTWhatsapp users can enable the proximity sensor. It means that during calls, when you move your phone away from your ear, your screen will automatically turn off. This feature helps to save your mobile’s battery and prevent accidental touch inputs during calls.

Download the JTWhatsApp Business Plus Option From Inside.

JT Business WhatsApp Plus has more business WhatsApp features than simple JTWhatsapp which is best for personal use. You can download it by downloading  Business Plus from the option given inside.

Share MeChat Game Characters to Friends.

The users of the modified version can share MeChat game characters with their friends by taking screenshots of their favorite characters, enjoy conversations, discussing personalities, and selecting the tone of the conversations of the characters.

Contain Dual Accounts

JTWhatsapp users can use two accounts, one with WhatsApp and one with this app. Now users can keep separate accounts for both personal and professional purposes.

Status Character Increased

On simple WhatsApp, users can only write and post statuses with 139 characters, which is very low to express their feelings. This modified version allows its users to write and post 250 characters and express their feelings and opinions more clearly.


Safe, Secure, and Legal

Many people hesitate to download JTWhatsapp because they think that it may contain viruses or that it is risky to download it, but JTWhatsapp is 100% safe, secure, and legal. It doesn’t contain any virus, malware, or anything dangerous that poses a threat to your device. 

It is a legal and updated regularly to keep your devices safe and secure from bugs and other dangerous things that can harm your devices in any way.

Documents Opening

Users of this app can share, receive, and open documents in files such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Txt, Zip, image, audio, video, and many more. It is very useful for those who use these applications a lot. 

NO ROOT Required

This feature is also available in this app; it means users don’t need administrator access to make any changes in the app. They can use it as they like and don’t require any permissions to customize it.

Lock Chat

An extra feature to protect the user’s privacy was introduced by JTWhatsapp developers. You can lock the chat that you want to hide from others and only you can unlock it with a password, fingerprints, and a pattern. 

It is a very useful feature especially when you have shared your account with someone and don’t want them to access some chats. 

Message Unsaved Numbers

On simple WhatsApp, you can’t send messages to unsaved numbers and have to save the number if you want to chat or call, which many people find frustrating. JTWhatsapp users can send messages to unsaved numbers. It is a very useful feature when users want to send messages to unsaved numbers urgently.

Send Video in Original Quality

Some users of this app feel stressed that the videos they are sharing will not be of good quality. Users can send videos without worrying about the video quality. All the videos and images shared through JTWhatsapp will be of top-notch quality.

Voice Changer

Users can call and message with different voices through JTWhatsapp.  It is a very cool feature you can use to prank your family and friends.

Proficient Transfer of Data

Users can share proficient data without worrying about anything. This modified version of WhatsApp will share all your data including images, files, music, videos, and messages to another device safely and securely.

All your data will be completely safe, and only the recipient will have access to it.


The Merits and Demerits of JTWhatsapp

Some merits and demerits of JTWhatsapp that I notice while using this app. Some of them are discussed below. 

Merits of JTWhatsapp

While using this modified APK you might enjoy its merits. Some are given below

  • It offers me many amazing and interesting features that were not available on WhatsApp.
  • It has fewer steps of installation and anyone like me can easily install this application.
  • It is 100% safe and secure with its amazing privacy features.

Demerits of JTWhatsapp

Everything in the world has some merits and demerits also. Some of the demerits are mentioned below:

  • There are some security risks in the JTWhats App like viruses and malware.
  • WhatsApp might banned for using an unauthorized version.


Comparative analysis of  JTWhatsapp vs WhatsApp 

How to install JT WhatsApp on Mobile phone?

With the help of given below steps, you can easily install JT WhatsApp on your cellphone.

  • When you have to install any app from a third-party source you first need to enable “Unknown Sources” on your device
  • Download the JT WhatsApp APK file from a trusted third-party website or trusted source
  • Click on the downloaded file to run the installation.
  • Once the installation process has started then follow the instructions that are given on your phone screen.
  •  After the installation process has been completed then you just need to create a new account.

Requirements  for Installing JTWhatsapp

  • To install JTWhatsapp, users need to activate the “unknown sources” from the settings.
  • It requires a user’s contact number for the verification process.
  • Users should keep in mind that it is a modified version of WhatsApp and the user is responsible for any problems.


JTWhatsapp is a very secure and amazing alternative to the original WhatsApp. This modified version offers way more features than simple WhatsApp including more picture sharing, more status characters, voice changing, and much more. Moreover, the installation process is very easy and simple, and it doesn’t have a long list of instructions you have to follow before downloading. So what are you waiting for, download it now and unravel the endless features it offers.

you can also download OGWhatsapp for iOS & Fouat Whatsapp


No, downloading JTWhatsapp from any website you see is risky and can pose a risk to your device. You should download it from a trusted source.

  • 9.94 is the new update of JTWhatsapp.
  • JTWhatsapp has fixed all the bugs in the 9.71, 9.72, 9.83, 9.85 and 9.91 versions.
  • The updated version has new and advanced features.
  • JTWhatsapp 9.92 new version is coming soon.
  • More stickers and emojis.
  • Users can easily edit messages on the updated version.
  • Ability to receive pin chats.

Yes, users can enjoy unlimited features and functions of JTWhatsapp for free. 

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