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Download the latest version of the FM WhatsApp APK and enjoy its cool features. It is different from the original WhatsApp. Its customization features allow you to redesign it according to your taste and requirements. Many amazing security features in it enable you to personalize and secure your data.  It makes messaging easier and more reliable for you. You can customize its themes and colors according to your mood. It also allows you to customize its chat and much more.


App Name

FM WhatsApp



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75.61 MB




Andorid 5+


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What is FM WhatsApp?

FM Whats App developed by “Fouad Mods.” It is named after its developer, FM WhaytApp. It is the modified version of the original WA. Its customization features enable you to customize your WA home and chat screens according to your mood and taste. You can enjoy its features while playing with different colors and themes. Its security and privacy features enable you to secure your data. Its amazing features enable you to share one message with multiple groups at the same time without moving from group to group. It also allows you to lock chat or group. 

What are Features of FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp provides many exciting features that enable you to play with different colors and themes. Its cool privacy features enable you to hide typing and freeze last seen. It also allows you to hide your profile picture from others. You can also share a single message with up to five groups with a single click. You can also share more than 30 seconds of video on your status. You can also hide your status and keep it private and secure. This application increases the share limit of your media, including audio, video, and documents. 


FM WA customization feature enables you to customize the chat screen, home screen, fonts, and colors. You can set your favorite picture on the home screen and the profile picture of each individual on the chat screen. You can apply dark and light themes and can also update any color scheme for your home screen.

Enhance Privacy

FM WA offers multiple privacy features that enable you to secure your personnel from others. You can hide your last seen or freeze it. You can hide typing and not let anyone know that you have seen their messages. You can take control of your privacy and keep it hidden from others. You can hide/ tell someone you’s status.

Multiple Account

This application allows you to register multiple accounts on a single device. This feature is designed for those who want to manage multiple accounts, personal and professional, separately and don’t want to carry multiple devices. You can register more than one account on a single device and enjoy its amazing features.

File Sharing

This application allows you to share a single file with multiple users at the same time. It increases the share limit. You can share a file of more than 100 MB. It allows you to share a file, either image, audio, video, or document, with more than 5 groups at a time. It also allows you to share the status of more than 30 seconds. You can share high-resolution files. 

Hide Viewed Status

This amazing feature enables you to keep your activities private. With this feature, you can hide the information on your viewed status and not let others know that you have viewed their status. When you enable this feature, it will not notify others that you have viewed their status. It will also help you to keep an eye on others’ activities.

Anti Deleted

With this amazing feature, you can view deleted messages and statuses. Some people send messages and delete them before you read them. You can view that deleted message without letting them know that you have viewed that deleted message. This cool feature enables you to recover critical information without installing any additional applications. 

Auto Reply 

 Sometimes, you miss important messages and can’t respond to them due to a busy schedule. This feature enabled you to automatically respond to important messages while working on some assignments and projects. With this feature, you can set a message that will automatically forwarded to your incoming messages. This would be any professional text that shows others your quick response to others. 

Increased Group Limit 

With this amazing feature, you have the option to increase the group limit. This feature allows you to add more than 500 persons. With this feature, you can share a single message with 500 persons at the same time without sending them individually. This saves you time and effort. In original WA you can’t add more than 250 members in a group while with this application you can do this. 

Prose of FM WhatsApp

This application offers multiple prose over the original WA. Some of them are 

  • It improves the UX/UI interface. 
  • It offers multiple privacy features like hiding viewed status, showing deleted messages or status, hide viewed status. 
  • It allows its users to increase group limits and share limit 
  • It allows its users to freeze last seen.
  • Its users can set auto-reply

Cons of FM WhatsApp

Cons of FM WhatsApp

This application also has cons. Some of them are 

  • There is no end-to-end encryption like the original WA
  • It may slow down your device. 
  • Its features may work more slowly than the original WA.

Download procedure 

This application can be downloaded and installed using the steps given below. 

  • Open your browser and search for FM WhatApp. 
  • Open trusted websites like this. 
  • Click on the download button to download it. 
  • Once this application is downloaded click on install. 
  • Click on “install from unknown sources” and enable it. 
  • Once the application procedure starts. 
  • Add the number for which you want to register on FM WA.
  •  Verify your number and follow the installation steps. 
  • After the installation procedure is completed, you can customize its home and chat screen according to your requirements.


FM WA has stunning features that increase user experience. This application enables its users to manage their privacy with its amazing features. It allows its users to customize their home and chat screens. Its users can also customize the launcher icon and message notification icon. You can also add a profile picture on each message and set the profile picture of each individual on their chat screen. You can also lock each chat with a pin, password, or fingerprint lock option. 


Whenever using a third-party source or application, users must take precautions and use safety measures because FM WhatsApp is not developed by official WhatsApp developers. However, independent FM WhatsApp developers have followed safety measures to enhance the application’s security and privacy. 

No, it was developed by a third-party source, and it’s a mod version of an official application. Mod versions are usually available on third-party websites; download them from a reputable source. 

Yes, you can transfer all your data from the official WhatsApp. During the verification process, use the restored chats and media files options when entering your phone number.