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There are various modes of Whatsapp circulating in the market including YoWhatsApp, FDWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp, but today the focus would be on Whatsapp Plus, its working and utilization for you.

Each updated or customized version of everything has its own set of perks and cons. Whatsapp is so popular nowadays, many people often inquire about the safety of using Whatsapp Plus. In this post, we will be looking over this app, its benefits and its safety perspectives.

Let’s not waste any further time, go straight to the first question every new user especially wants to know!

What is “Whatsapp plus”?

It is a modified form of Whatsapp having a great range of features such as Freeze Online, Anti-Delete Messages & Status, and DND Mode, that users like. It is ideal for individuals who enjoy personalization. You may customize every feature to your liking, including colors, fonts, and layouts.


Whatsapp plus APK, when compared to the original, includes several fantastic features that are not to be seen on a simple version of Whatsapp. Below are some of the prominent features of this app which make it exclusive in its usage



In regular WhatsApp, you are always prone to being seen online which could hinder your privacy especially when you are not feeling engaged. Here comes the plus point, you have the power to hide your online status. All you have to do is enable it in the privacy settings and enjoy your privacy.

View Status Is Hidden

Ever want to check out your exes or people you are checking on status without letting them know? Whatsapp Plus makes it easy for you there! Turn on the Hide View Status option, and you take the lead being a silent observer of their updates without their knowledge.

Hide or Freeze Last Seen

Sometimes to avoid that awkward feeling when you don’t want people to know when you were last on WhatsApp. Whatsapp Plus again provides the remedy. It lets you see others’ last seen while concealing your last presence. It’s like being a stealthy and sneaky ninja in the world of chats.

Make Your Discussions and Chats Private

Are you concerned about your privacy? Whatsapp Plus has got your back. You can stash away chats you want to keep private in a secret place, away from the interested curious eyes. Just tap the Whatsapp Plus text icon on your home screen to make the conversations hide.

Obscure Images and Videos from the Gallery

Keep your photos and videos directly going into your gallery which is very unsafe. Whatsapp Plus lets you do this effortlessly, ensuring your media stays private.

Lock on Whatsapp

All good but still worried about someone snooping through your Whatsapp? Whatsapp Plus offers a lock feature for added security. Keep your chats safe from nosy friends or siblings with the help of fingerprint authentication.

Decide Who You Can Call

Tired of unwanted calls from insurance companies or random people lacking the etiquette? With Whatsapp Plus, you can specify who can call you and who cannot. No more interruptions from random numbers or annoying acquaintances.

Blue Ticks Following Your Response

Ahhhh, Don’t want to feel obliged to respond immediately? Enable this feature in Whatsapp Plus, and your friends or relatives won’t see those annoying blue ticks until after you’ve replied. It’s the perfect way to take your time without any moral feeling of guilt.

DND Mode / Airplane Mode

Need some peace to relax a cluttered mind? Turn on (Airplane mode or DND Mode) in Whatsapp Plus to temporarily silence the notifications. Focus on your tasks without distractions, and turn it off when you’re ready to engage.

Restore and Backup

Backing up your chats has never been easier. The worries of losing precious data or pictures of beloved ones are settled out. Whatsapp Plus offers multiple backup options, including local Mega, backup, and Dropbox. Choose the one that suits you best and keep your conversations safe.

Turn off the message’s forward tag

 Hate seeing that “Forwarded message” tag and want to make other people feel special? WhatsApp Plus lets you remove it, so your forwarded messages would look like the original written ones.

Anti-Delete Messages/Status

Ever faced someone who deleted a status or message before you could have seen it? With WhatsApp Plus, you can still view them, even after they’ve deleted them. It’s a lifesaver for those curious moments

Send Messages to Additional Contacts

Need to share something important with a large number of people? Crossing the limits of 5 people at one time on simple Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus APK takes it a step further. You may now forward your data to up to 300 recipients all at once.

Make Floating Chat Heads Active

Have ever wished that you could continue talking while using other apps at the same time? With Whatsapp Plus, you can turn on the feature of floating chat, and your chats will appear as little bubbles on your screen. It’s ideal for multi-tasking lovers who like to stay connected without switching between apps.

Provide Top-Notch Status Updates

You might be tired of your status updates losing their quality when you add photographs or videos. Whatsapp Plus has got your back. Say goodbye to low-quality content; with Whatsapp Plus APK, you can share your moments in full 100% resolution, guaranteeing that your status updates are crisp and clear as original.

Whatsapp plus APK Customization: Here’s how to set your Whatsapp experience to your style and interests. We’ve highlighted a few essential features, but Whatsapp Plus offers a vast amount of personalization. Are you ready to plunge into the depth of its beauty? Simply download the Whatsapp Plus APK and start discovering!

  1. Theme Store for Whatsapp Plus:

    it is the time to Say goodbye to dull interfaces! Whatsapp Plus includes an incredible theme shop embedded directly into the app. It makes your theme sort of special and exclusive. Download and save themes that represent your personality.
  2. Personalize Various Components: Make Whatsapp yours by customizing components such as status bars, backgrounds, colors and more. Whether you prefer brilliant colors or sophisticated designs, there’s something for everyone. You can customize your home, conversations, status, and lists anytime to reflect your mood.

  3. Select Your Emoji Look: still love to use the language of emojis to complement the communication? It makes you Use emojis that reflect your personality. It has three distinct emoji styles: the old design, the slick iOS style, and the default Whatsapp set.
  • Modify the Font: The font selections in Whatsapp Plus provide a unique and amazing touch. Explore several designs without even going to change your device’s system settings.
  • Select Your Icon: It also gives you the freedom of choosing it from over 50 different launcher icons. Yes, it’s not super science and no need to download a separate launcher; simply select the one that appeals to you and give your Whatsapp a new look.
  • Wipe Your Screen: Don’t want any clutterness on your screen? Whatsapp plus APK allows you to eliminate notification pop-ups, giving your screen a cleaner, more minimalist look. Say goodbye to annoying numbers and notifications while embracing a clutter-free environment.


Whatsapp Plus apk


Let us ease the process of backing up your Whatsapp Plus messages. Here are three simple methods to accomplish it.

1- MEGA Backup: MEGA, like Drop box, offers an online backup solution for Whatsapp Plus. It provides a staggering 20 GB of free storage! Say goodbye to worrying about running out of space for Whatsapp beloved conversations and media.

2- Local Backup (Offline):

Want to keep it simple and offline? Not an issue. With the local backup option, your conversations and media are saved straight to your device’s storage. There is no requirement for an internet connection, exactly like with the backup option in ordinary Whatsapp.
3- Drop box Backup: If you prefer the ease of online storage, Whatsapp Plus offers Drop box integration. Simply join up for a Drop box account and get 2 GB of free storage. Still need more? You always have the option to take the premium package for more storage.

Absolutely! If you want to discover a whole new universe of incredible capabilities, Whatsapp Plus is the best option to rely upon. It’s like upgrading your normal Whatsapp with a variety of exciting new features, all while keeping the familiar atmosphere you enjoy. So why not give it a try? And the other best part is that Whatsapp Plus is free. There are no hidden costs or fees linked to it. After all, it’s about improving your texting experience without spending a penny.

Even if Whatsapp Plus and normal Whatsapp have the same code, you do not have to choose between them. There’s no need to remove one to use the other; they play well together! Because they are different apps with their distinct packages, you may have both Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus on your phone without difficulty

Here’s a quick guide to get Whatsapp Plus up and running on your device:

  1. Make “Installation from Unknown Sources” active: Before you can install Whatsapp Plus, you’ll need to change the setting a bit. Simply go to your phone’s settings and enable the option that allows installation from other sources than the Play Store. This ensures you can install Whatsapp Plus without any hindrances.
  2. Get the most recent APK of Whatsapp Plus: It’s also important to consider the latest version of Whatsapp Plus to ensure that it is compatible with your Android. Older versions might not work as smoothly.
  • Check the Version of Android on Your Device: Another thing to keep in mind is your Android version. To run Whatsapp Plus smoothly, your phone should be running at least Android version 5.0.

Simply follow the standard processes. Once that is complete, enter your name and click the Done button. Voila! You’re all set to enjoy Whatsapp Plus APK 2024.


Here’s a list of the best features of Whatsapp Plus APK and some other important perspectives to be covered. We’ve discussed all you need to know about this fantastic software for Android 2024. If you’re looking for alternatives to Whatsapp to further smooth your texting experience, Whatsapp Plus is worth a try. The variety of its functions and customization possibilities are no less than quite astounding.

And, if you enjoy customizing and improving your messaging app, make sure to check out other Whatsapp mods such as GBWhatsApp, FM Whatsapp, and YoWhatsApp. They’re also filled with unique features that you are going to love.

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